Allowing vs Fighting vs Ignoring Urges

Every day I learn more about myself with Self Coaching Scholars! I cannot thank you all enough. So far my results from engaging with this program have been a much improved mood and more enjoyment of life, with much more optimism that change is possible. I now want to move into creating tangible results – losing weight, saving more money, getting more done in a day.

This is what I’ve realized. I have no idea how to “allow an urge”. My experience with urges are that they are overpowering, and persistent. When it comes to urges for food (usually pastries and coffee), I find it more efficient to feed the urge so that it stops, rather than to fight the urge and let my work suffer from distraction. I’ve had urges and cravings go on for hours sometimes, and I feel drained by the experience. Is that because I’m fighting or ignoring it? I was amazed to hear Brooke say urges only last 10 minutes!

Please help me understand how to allow an urge vs fighting it or ignoring it. Thanks so much!