Stopping Buffering 2

I did a thought download when I noticed I was buffering during the time I want to be working. Here’s what came up with:

* I don’t know what I want to do (confused)
* I don’t know if I want to build this business (confused)
* I don’t want to have this call with C (resistant)
* I don’t know what to say (self-conscious)
* I’m going to be awkward (dread)
* I don’t know what to do today (confused)
* I just keep buffering (guilty)
* I can’t stop (out of control)
* I don’t know where to start (overwhelmed)
* I don’t know what results I want to create (confused)
* I don’t know why I told that woman I could do it for less (unsure)
* I keep going on Ask a Coach
* I don’t know what I’m doing (self-doubt)
* Maybe I should just get a job (defeated)
* I’ll never get my debt paid off (hopeless)
* I can’t make money (inadequate)
* I don’t have enough money (lacking)
* I’m not making enough money (inadequate)
* I don’t know how to get consults (confused)
* I don’t know if I even want to get clients (unsure)
* Because I am not sure I know how to serve them (unsure)
* I just want to go to sleep (desire)
* Or sit on the couch (desire)
* Or eat a sandwich (desire)
* There’s no way I’m going to generate $20k in my business by the end of the year (disbelief)
* Fuck (frustrated)
* Why am I thinking that?
* Because there isn’t much time between now and then (defeated)
* I don’t want them to get mad at me (dread)
* I don’t know if I can create a nice looking website (insecure)
* I haven’t designed or built one in a long time (inadequate)
* I haven’t even worked with coaches much (inadequate)
* Why do I think I can do this?
* I can’t do this (inadequate)
* I can’t get a job either (inadequate)
* I don’t want to do this (resistant)
* I hate cross browser testing (hate)
* I want to eat a parfait (desire)

As you might imagine, I haven’t produced anything today.

C: building my business
T: I don’t know if I want to build this business
F: unsure
A: buffer, produce nothing of value, don’t meet people, don’t tell them I’m a web designer, don’t offer to help
R: $0; i’m not all-in