Stopping overeating reveals unhappiness in job

Hi Brooke,

I have been listening to your podcast for over a year now and this is my 2nd month in Scholars. My thought downloads have recently revealed to me that the true reason I have been overeating for years is because of my thoughts/feelings related to my job as a pharmacist. Some would say I am “overqualified” for my current position (I did extra years of residency training and currently have a job that does not require this), but it pays well and I like it overall. In some ways I feel kind of “lazy” for not going the extra mile to step outside of my comfort zone and get a more clinical job that I spent extra years training for. This guilt caused me to feel like a failure and overeat. However, practicing in Scholars has gotten me to the point where I realize that my job is a neutral circumstance and I can create my thoughts about myself. This has been very effective, and I am starting to show up better for myself at work and lose weight. I feel great!

However, there are going to be job postings very soon for more clinical jobs at my current hospital which would give me a pay raise and more responsibility, but also with a more demanding workload and schedule. I would have loved this opportunity a few years back when I was fresh out of residency and overeating, but now I feel so much happier with myself and my current life that I am not sure I should even apply for anything else! I have spent so much time working on being okay with my current job, and I don’t know if starting over again is worth it. Your philosophy is always to blow your own mind and get out of your comfort zone, so I feel like I am doing it all wrong! Even though I am losing weight and changing my thoughts about my life, am I still doing it wrong because I am afraid to try something new? And if a job is just a circumstance, will getting a new one even matter or be worth it?