Stress management without doing nothing

Hi! So, I have had some massive revelations that have been game changers. Like, my nearly daily, earth-shattering migraines and unwanted symptoms are fully manifested through my thinking. Which lies somewhere between super exciting (I can finally feel better!) and terrifying (I have to hack my brain/stress/mindset or else). I have just had five consecutive BLISSFUL days of virtually no stress and no migraines.

The only thing is, I seem to most easily access this bliss if I literally accomplish nothing. Any time I start to think about work and try to get started, I feel the ruminating spiral bringing on the first inkling of a migraine. Then I stop working, and the migraine stops.

I am 100% confident that there is a way for me to have this necessary stress reduction while also actually getting something done. I am completely capable of letting go of the notion that I have to be able to accomplish more than any other human ever has—I just want to get my head in the right space to do SOMETHING for my business most days.

Here’s where I think I am residing at the moment:

C: stress reduction leads to fewer migraines
T: I can only de stress if I literally do nothing (or tv etc)
F: resigned
A: do nothing (/tv/book/etc)
R: no productivity but also no migraine

Do you have any ideas of a mindset shift/thought I can try on to see if maybe I can settle into both being less stressed AND getting s*** done?

I obviously don’t expect a 100% stress free life (and even on my “doing nothing” days, I don’t think I’m totally stress-free, because at least some part of me is acutely aware that I’d like to do something more with my time). I also don’t need to move mountains for work projects. I just want to be someone who enjoys living in a way that I will be super proud of, say, 6-12 months from now, when I can really see an accumulation of my efforts and self-love.