Stressed feeling not released as expected

I had a big conference call today where I needed to give some potentially controversial information in a 5 minute status update to a group of 30 people. There were some uncertainties going in – my boss would only be on for the first half of the meeting, we didn’t know when we would be called on, I didn’t know what response we would get, etc. I was ready and actually looking forward to giving the information, but then time ran out. I was left feeling just as stressed after the meeting as during and feel like I missed the opportunity to release that stress by doing the thing that was stressing me out and then realizing that it was all fine. I’m wondering how to manage a pent-up feeling like stress when you feel like you missed the window to successfully work through it.

C: Attended a big meeting but wasn’t asked to present as expected.
T: I wish I had been asked to present.
F: Still stressed. Tightness way up in my throat to chest area. .
A: Thought download. Breathing exercises.
R: Constricted feeling has moved away from my chest/throat to my left shoulder which is where I usually feel stress and the site of a prior injury. Contemplating productive work vs. buffering (which was definitely an urge)