Struggle with applying the model with a consultant at work

Hello, I need help about one situation and how to deal with colleagues/ consultants.
I had a work discussion last week with David who is a consultant working for our team and I got very annoyed but what he said and this frustration really showed in my voice.
Basically, he is hired to help us to embed some ways of working ( Agile) in how we work and he is not able to communicate well with the team and to integrate himself. Then he will come to meeting that people are not willing to listen to him, that people do not invite him to meet. His role as a coach (and he is paid a big money for this) is to embed himself in the team and find the right way to coach/. Help the team. Therefore, when he joins the meeting and he complains that people do not listen to him, I get very annoyed and frustrated.
I have tried the following model below. However, where I struggle is the following: While I understand why having a manual about other people do not serve us. when it comes to subordinate or consultant, I believe that they have a list of tasks to be done as per their contract and therefore I expect them to do the tasks. I do not see the concept of manual here…
Here is my model

C David says ‘ They do not invite me to the meeting’
T he is crap , he understands nothing
F – frustrated
A I answer with lots of angriness in the voice
R- ??? I do not like to be angry

C David says ‘They do not invite me to the meeting’
T he is trying his best, but it is not successful
F – ??? compassion?? Not sure I will be able to feel this as it is job to do this task well
A I will do whatever I can to help
R- I help???