Struggling with people who say The Model is "Privileged"

As I begin to speak more openly about the tools I learn in SCS, specifically around “thoughts become things”, I am being faced with a lot of resistance from some people in my community who are saying that the tools I share are “elitist and privileged”. Several people hear me talk about having an abundance mindset (choosing empowering, grateful, abundant thoughts as a means of creating more of that in our lives) and bring up some extreme example usually relating to people in the third world in extreme situations of poverty or physical suffering being unable to just “think and manifest” food or safety.

I understand that the principles I learn in here are truly universal, and that everybody has the power to choose what they decide to think about a certain set of circumstances, and that the thoughts we choose to think ultimately drive our experience of life regardless of the facts pertaining to the situation we presently find ourselves in.

I guess I just wanted to ask the question, how would you go about explaining these amazing and life changing concepts to someone who hears “you have the power to create your life and it starts with choosing to believing in possibility”, shoots you down immediately by saying it doesn’t apply to (XYZ, fill in the blank with an underprivileged, portrayed to be helpless or struggling demographic of people)

I have a deep level of empathy and compassion for every single person, which Is why I wish to share these ideas with everyone: cultivating an empowered mindset and taking full emotional responsibility for our lives, but find myself struggling when people ask these questions or judge my teachings to only apply to the lives of other “privileged white people”.

I’ve been getting to practice a lot of letting go of what other people think of me this month- ha ha! and would really love your feedback. thank you!