Stuck on clutter – sell vs donate

Hi Brooke & Coaches,

It’s nearly March now, and I still have a few bags of stuff that I wanted to declutter waaaaay back in October (when we worked on organizing our homes).

Every time I look at these bags I feel ashamed. They’re still here because I’ve allowed myself to stay in confusion over the action I’m going to take to move them out of my house.

Option 1 is to donate them, which would be the quickest option. My brain says: dumb idea because I’m throwing money away (they are things I also perceive to be “valuable” – designer clothes, etc).

So I hold back, and think about Option 2: list and sell them on Craigslist/Amazon/Ebay. Brain has an incredible amount of resistance to doing that, too! My thoughts:

I’ll spend too much time listing them
I’ll waste time waiting for people to show up who never do (it’s happened to me a few times with Craigslist)
I HATE going to the post office to stand in line and send packages
What if no one buys?
Who cares about my stuff?

I think there’s guilt around my past money-spending issues (consuming as entertainment has been one of my main buffering tactics). I judge myself for being “stupid” for simply giving it away instead of trying to recover some money back. I suspect this is coming from scarcity though – my brain seems to believe that selling those items is the only way I can recover my money. Maybe the better option is to save that time and just give the items away quickly. Then I would free up my time for other things that would generate more income than reselling used stuff.

Can you please help me get unstuck around this issue? I’ve done a couple of models on them, but I haven’t been able to move forward and make a clear and solid decision that feels good to me.

Thank you!