Stuck in a model

I just joined scs. I am working on the balance of feelings packet and I did a thought download. Then picked a thought and ran the model. Now I am trying to run the model again in a deliberate way and am struggling. My first model is as follows:
C: my husband eats food that doesn’t help him lose weight
T: I find it disgusting how much he eats and don’t understand why he says he is dieting but doesn’t change
F: annoyed
A: say something about the food
R: he keeps eating and I am turned off

So now I am trying to do this is a way that is deliberate.
Starting w result: I want to be supportive of his weight loss but not tied emotionally to it.
A: …… I don’t know what to do here….
F: neutral/encouraging (I don’t know if I can do this)
T: hmm he struggles with food
C: he eats food that doesn’t help him lose weight.

So my questions about the revised models:
– I don’t know what my A is
-how do I handle it when the F I think I need is one I not sure if I can feel when it comes to the C