Stuck on a belief

C-Humans have thoughts/beliefs
T-I ought to believe that which has a lot of evidence for it
A-find evidence for that which I’m thinking
R-believe that which has a lot of evidence

I don’t like to feel righteous, and I certainly don’t like how this plays out in my life as I use it against myself regularly (finding evidence for anything to beat myself up–being selfish, being too impulsive, just a general “I suck” sometimes) and have coached myself on it in a few different ways over the past 6 months but not sure I’ve made headway in the way I would like to.

In several areas I’ve gotten better at stopping the action of beating myself up: “remember girlie, we don’t do this behavior to ourselves anymore”, but I’d like to beat myself up less to begin with and I think changing this belief will help.

When I typically come across a belief that doesn’t serve me well (and what I’ve done with this one) is just sit with it with compassion for it and myself thinking about how/why the belief would’ve formed and how it’s just made up of conditioned thoughts, and I’ll often eventually debunk or drop an undesired belief by doing that, or by defining and examining every word, seeing if the words/definitions even make sense, looking for evidence to the contrary, looking at why I think I’ve held on to it (what about it serves me well), etc. But that didn’t get me close to dropping or not believing this one.

Then I’ve tried and found this thought:
C-Thought “I ought to believe that which has a lot of evidence for it”
T-This belief has served me well in my profession as a physician/studying science and in reaching several of my world views that I enjoy and am proud of (becoming vegetarian and atheist)
F-certain (or possibly even righteous here as well? doesn’t feel quite as “strong” as righteous in my first model)
A-continue to believe I ought to believe that which has a lot of evidence for it
R-Find evidence for the belief serving me well in my life, further solidifying the belief

Am thinking I could work with THIS model more, but not sure where to go with the T.
So appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you!!!