Stuck on a model

Hi Brooke. I’m new to SCS and just loving it so far. Heres my question.

I notice that I’m stuck on a model. Here it is. circumstance: my son has adhd and it’s bed time
Thought: my husband is too lazy to learn about ADHD (lots of evidence) and continues to react the same way to our son, yelling to get him to listen which never works.
Feeling: anger, sadness, resignation
Action: I step in to handle, ice husband out
Result: husband feels blamed and gets defensive and we all get distracted from dealing with initial issue bc now husband and I are mad at each other and son knows

My challenge is that I’m resistant to change my thought. I imagine you’ll ask why I’m choosing to think the thought I’ve chosen. What comes up is that I’m hooked on being right here bc something has to change. It’s been over a year since we got the diagnosis and my husband still hasn’t read any of the books, articles or listened to the podcasts the drs and I have recommended to him. I’m angry. Maybe I just need to stay angry for now. Hmmm… what do you see here? What am I missing? Thanks!