Stuck with homework

Hi Brooke
Coaching calls are amazing, thank you. I learn so much from them.

I’m stuck with the believing new things homework. Can I run it by you?
New sentence I want to believe: (changes, but is always of the same theme – not using food for pleasure/comfort etc)
I’m not interested in food

This thought makes me feel:
Highly sceptical that’ll ever be possible

I’ll miss out on one of life’s great pleasures if I’m not interested in food
I’ll always be pretending to believe this – it’s not humanly possible to not be interested in food.

Answers and massive action
This is where I am stuck…..
My life so far has been made miserable by my extreme interest in food – massive action??? Get interested in other things??? Yes – have been trying to do that for years. I always have to “pretend” to not be thinking about food, or when I can next eat. It’s basically like trying to distract myself from intrusive thoughts: just makes thoughts stronger the more I try and ignore them.

And…..we have created too much pleasure from food. It’s NOT natural to be interested in food….(I don’t believe this at all. I think humans have always been interested in food, and probably once to the exclusion of most other things except safety and sex. I can’t find any massive action….)

I have a feeling you’ll tell me my initial “new belief” is too extreme. But the problem is, anything LESS extreme just has me feeling like I haven’t got to the root of my problem (which is food obsession) and that I’m just kind of half-dealing with it. If I make it something like “I don’t use food to buffer” then I get mixed up working out when I am buffering and when I”m just eating to feed my body. It’s hard to explain. And if I just eat to plan, that’s fine, but all I do all day is kind of wait until it’s time to eat again. So I’m sticking to plan but I’m STILL obsessed with food….

Maybe this is a coaching call kind of problem – I feel like I’m not explaining myself very well!

Thanks for any advice. I have a lot of trouble with finding the massive actions for my new beliefs too.

Love xx