Substituting Overeating for Overdrinking

Hey Brooke,
I just started this program yesterday and i am super exited!! I am already telling myself to slow down, this will not happen overnight. I am starting with the Overdrinking program first because i feel that is the bigger issue for me right now. I also feel like that is why i’ve put on the weight since i started this nightly drinking about a year ago. i went from 146 last year to 166 (today). I am watching and listening to all of your stuff on Overdrinking and not having a huge issue not drinking but i find when i do not drink, i just substitute a bunch of food and snacking (which is what i am doing now while watching your material) for drinking. My question is, can i do this in the beginning? My mind wants to tell me to start watching all the Overeating videos too but i KNOW that is too much for me at this point and i really need to focus on one thing. But i don’t want to gain any more weight either!
Thank you so much! Kristin Michael