Suggested Approach

My current goal is to unpack the 30-35 boxes in my living room from a move in December. I keep finding myself inaction. Mostly driven by the thought “Oh no. I’m not going to get it done. There’s too much to do. I’m NEVER going to get through this. I’m running out of time. .. my friend and her family are coming next month!” I’ve done a handful of models and found varying success with different thoughts but, after some time, still land back in inaction. Now this morning I find myself wanting to figure out the best approach to tackle this. I don’t want to allow this to become a way of further inaction so I figured I’d ask you. ☺ How would you go about tackling this while I continue to work on my thoughts? Is it best to take small bites (e.g., just tell myself 15-20 min a day) or take some time off of work week and plow through.

– Nicole