Suggestions for future me thoughts?

I am 10ish pounds from my goal (of course…that varies from 7-12 depending on the day/time). In preparation for maintenance, I listened to the Maintenance Mistakes call from AWL when you said to figure out what thoughts a naturally-thin-maintaining person would think and think those. The emotion I want to create is “disinterest” while still being able to find controlled joy in food. I’ve come up with a few…

Chasing down my next goal is way more interesting than food.
I’d rather think about my business than food.
I just eat as much as I need so I can get back to what matters.
Food is just part of my day; it’s not my purpose.
I enjoy the occasional joy eat but otherwise, food doesn’t matter that much (in terms of emotion–not saying it’s not important to be on protocol).
I’d never use food to avoid my feelings; I’m stronger than that.

Thoughts on these? Can you offer suggestions of more potential thoughts or questions to help me come up with more? Thank you!