Sunday Night Scaries

Every weekend the Sunday night scaries creep in and I dread the upcoming week. I normally play food grab ass on Sunday, but I’m really hunkering down on being precise about my protocol. So I’m left with all of this anxiety and dread, but I’m also getting nightmares.

I thought download and do models then the feelings creep back in. I know nothing bad is actually happening to me and even though I feel like shit I still go to work, food journal…do all my stuff.(where’s my medal?…wink…wink)

I feel like there’s some secret life hack I’m missing out on bc the better things get in certsin sreas of my life the worse I’ve been feeling.

C: life
T: I don’t want to go to work, but I choose to work because I like to pay my student loans so suck it up.
F: dread, anxiety, sadness
A: normally grab ass, but no…so now I’m weepy, keep working at work and my side hustle, keep showing up feeling like ass by Wednesday it subsides
R: Sunday scaries

Am I missing a life/model/brain hack?

Will this shit ever stop?