Self Pity

I’d like advice on this month’s topic….SELF PITY.

My 13 year old daughter is going through a severe patch of sadness and with it a lot of self-pity. She’s in 7th grade (which as we all know can suck).

She says there’s no C causing her T, but she feels overwhelmingly sad a lot lately and is super crabby and feeling sorry for herself. She feels helpless to change her F because she doesn’t know what’s causing the T.

I think a lot of it is hormones (no period yet but about to anytime) and has a little bit of typical girl drama, but nothing specific. She’s having some major self esteem issues.

I want to help her, but not encroach on her boundaries and not minimize what she feels.

I’ve tried to give her tools to help her change her state and refocus with gratitude, evidence of how awesome she is, good tunes and action like walks an brushing the dog, but she seems to be getting worse and going straight from frustration to overwhelmingly sad.

Me, personally, am not worrying…..yet. But her friends have noticed and she’s now talking to a guidance counselor at school.