Supporting the Career I Want with My Job

Hi, could you please review & offer feedback on my models? Thank you.

UM –
C: My work colleague received a promotion; I did not.
T: They’re using me as cheaper labor. (Note: I’m referring to the company here)
F: Resentment
A: I ruminate about not having received a promotion. I put in less effort at my job. I don’t discuss my growth potential in the company with my manager.
R: I don’t figure out how to position myself for a promotion.

For my IM – I realized that the R I wanted wasn’t really being promoted as well. I’m actually wanting to transition to an artistic career (I currently work in corporate), and I’m supporting my career aspirations with this job, so I think I’m okay with my current work responsibilities considering the paycheck. I actually want to put relatively less effort in my job, so I’m focusing my energy on the career I want. (Maybe that itself is the reason I wasn’t promoted?!)

IM –
C: Same
T: I’m using my job to have the career I love.
F: Empowered
A: I show up for my job, while prioritizing the career I love and am working towards.
R: I figure out how to use my job to support my career aspirations.