Syncope – dizzy or fainting spells

Hi. I am brand new to SCS and so happy to be here. I have been working with one of your coaches (Julie Kuch. She is awesome!) I have lost 24 pound so far. My goal is to lose 100 pounds by my 50th birthday. 2 pounds a week will get me there. I will be doing the next certification class and am SO excited to integrate self coaching with my horse business. So enough about me… My question is if you have any knowledge about syncope or fainting with weight loss? About 8 or 9 years ago I lost 50 pound and developed syncope (I would get dizzy and fall 3 or 4 time a day. Not good in the horse business! And I stop teaching out of fear of falling off or in front of a horse) it lasted about 3 years till I got a hysterectomy. The docs were guessing it was a low blood volume issue. So now I’m 49 trying to keep up with my boys (3 and 5. Gods greatest gift that we could adopt them!) I can’t do it with 100 extra pounds. I’ve been doing great. But have gotten dizzy a couple times the last couple weeks. And now today I’ve almost fallen twice. I would have fallen if I didn’t have something to hold on to. So I’m in tears scared shitless its coming back. I have to lose the weight! My knees can’t take it! My boys deserve better. If I want to grow my business back and start teaching again I need to. I want a better life! I can do hard things. I can do the mind work. I can do the fasting the no sugar/four. I don’t know if I can do syncope again. Please help. Thank you!