T Line In Intentional Model – Question

Hello Coaches,

I am working on creating a series of Intentional Models based around feelings I want to feel/results I want to see in my life.

I know that when you write out an Unintentional Model, the T line should be very short – a brief sentence or phrase. However, when I am coming up with thoughts to create the feelings I want, the T line is quite long.

For example, the thought I have settled on to create the feeling of “determined” is “This is hard and I like hard things, because they help me grow and evolve.” (Inspired by the recent Mastering the Model call with Aimee).

Also, the thought I have to create the feeling of “healthy” is “I have a healthy body and it feels good to take care of it.”

Are the intentional thoughts I am coming up with too long?

Thank you!