Take a break from yoga?

Hello. During Katrina’s call yesterday (12/20) she mentioned that you had suggested to her to take a break from working out. Can you explain why you suggest this to clients? And, for how long?
I just completed my 250th yoga class (hot vinyassa) in 18 months.
I am working on my weight loss goal.
I am 45, 5’6″, 160#. I have lost just under 40#, and have 30# to go.
My Protocol:
daily weigh in
daily food journal
NO snacking
No sugar/flour
eating window 1pm-6pm
fasting window 6pm-1pm
eat @-4, stop @+3 (I just added this yesterday!)
start to finish eating
meal planning
Joy eat once per week
dine on my own fat 😉
I am loosing about a pound a week (which is down from 2-3#’s per week a month ago), I go to yoga on average 5 times per week, and I go fasted and don’t eat for about 3 hours after. Too much? How will I know if I should take a break to drop more pounds?
Thank you.