Taking action when you haven’t done it for a long time

Hi Brooke, i joined scs in May, my 1 goal is to perfom at a music festival next year in Miami (im a dj and music producer) never been to Miami or the U.S this is a big deal to me.
(Never performed anywhere by the way)

I’ve struggled with not being confident in my ability to do it (make music and dj), and many other unpleaseant feelings. I overcame them with time, some action (little to nothing) and now with “how to feel better “

My question- i haven’t done anything. And when i say anything i mean Nothing at all. Ive enrolled in scs in may and only attended 2 live calls; i have at least 20 tutorials on things i need to learn (music wise) waiting for me since january; i dont have anything “real” anything phisucal that is literally stopping me; time is not an issue; i dont have everything i want but i have enough to do something, i know im not unlucky, im actually lucky
I think i should be motivated by all of this, I think i understand whats going on, but i just don’t do the work. How can end this on going cicle?
Im starting to think im lazy (i know im lazy for sure) but because im aware that im being lazy, i thought i could stop being lazy,
How can i stop being lazy?