TDL and models

I have a weight loss impossible goal. I am dedicated to many of the learnings and have achieved 50 pounds weight loss so far. Now I am at the stage that I am at catching thoughts ahead of time and then considering them without reacting to the urge, the way that I use the model is less clear for me. Here is an example
C – I went out for dinner and ordered poached chicken
T – This isn’t enough food
F – Worried
A – Made a plan to go buy a chocolate on the way home.
At this stage I caught the thought. Awareness. I then had some new thoughts. Like. Some people would think this is enough food. Maybe this is enough food. Maybe I am just tired and bored and want to use food as a distraction for the drive home.
So this is where I want help with the model. It’s like awareness happened part way through the actions, and another model started before I got to the R line that would have been generated by my first thought “ this is not enough food”. The actual end result was I didn’t follow through on buying chocolate and was closer to my goal.
I would love some feedback on using the model on how to reinforce the positive thoughts I am now having.
Thank you.