Teachers Along Our Road

My husband was going through our bills the other day and saw the SCS charge. He is well aware of my huge weight loss transformation ever since I joined but as the pain of paying goes, he decided to question whether I am good to walk on my own from hereon out.
As I elaborated to him new projects that I am taking on as I go along, he asked me what is the portrait of your scholars.

As I struggled to find one particular kind, he asked me, ‘Well, let’s see, is she coaching Tony Robbins or Oprah or other billionaires?’
And I said I don’t think so but that it doesn’t take away from those you DO help. Those who are at the beginning of their growth journey.

The Tony Robbins and Oprah kinds probably have their coaches who are geared to their higher needs and levels, just like you have Frank Kern, whom I personally wouldn’t take at this point of my journey.

He was convinced and then asked me, ‘And you don’t mind that you are not at the level that requires and can afford A Frank Kern type of coach?’
‘Not at all,’ I answered. ‘First, this is what is. This is where I am at. And unlike many others, I show up everyday, I seek guidance, I pay for good coaching, and I see real results. For the point on the road where I stand, Brooke is the perfect teacher for me.’

It got me thinking about your journey with your coaches along the way. I wonder if you would share on a podcast episode someday the different coaches you took along the years. I know of Martha Beck years ago and of Frank Kern today.
Did you feel overtime that you have learned everything from a certain teacher and it’s time to move on to a next level teacher?