Entrepreneurial Expectations

Hi Brooke,
Jake and I launched our coaching website this month- we are excited we already have two paying clients. Still not where we want to be so I just scheduled an appointment with Suzy to help with our niche. Since I’ve overcome a lot of different struggles this year, my desire to help others with those (weight loss, overdrinking, overcoming fear, becoming a better teammate) is causing some confusion and makes our marketing more challenging. I’m confident she’ll help us get clear!

Anyway, I started self-coaching in January mainly to learn how to show up as the BEST version of me. I was not really sure what to expect from this program but confident you could help. You certainly have! I’m blown away with my results.

However, my question is, I feel the area I’m struggling the most is being an entrepreneur, even though I have many “failed” attempts over the past 5 years- is it possible I’ve been so “personal focused” this year that it’s taking away energy from building a thriving business?
Most of my coaching from you has been working on my personal life. Which is crucial I understand. I’m just curious if I’m not putting enough thought management or thought creation into my business and need to switch focus?
However, we do take massive action- creating weekly podcasts and videos that offer value.

C: Two paying clients
T: We need more paying clients
F: motivated
A: plan marketing
R: create Facebook Ads

Hopefully it’s just a marketing problem- we are working with Frank Kern in his Inner Circle club, if that’s the cause- I’ll just keep failing. If it’s a thought error I’m not catching – I’d love your help.
Thanks for your consistent guidance Brooke 🙂