Thank you to the discussions on beating oneself up- and “don’t do it. I mean it”-


I am on the brink of the most important mind change ever for me.

The past few months I have been focusing on what I want to think in order to create the results I want. And that was OK but still did not hit the nail on the head.

I learned that what I need to focus on is a commitment to stay in a high vibration/self loving/ positive thought place, no matter what, even tho my mind wanted to take me down into negative or ruminating or even depressive negative thinking.

Staying positive and forward looking is not hard for me when there is no negative input from the world, but in the past, once triggered, I burrowed into it. This included obsessing on why people do what they do, what people think of me, how inadequate I am, etc. None of those thoughts feel forward thinking , they get me stuck in a loop.

So this is a choice to stay in high vibration. A commitment to never harm myself in any way. This is also a commitment to champion myself first and foremost, no matter what.

I am also seeing that being loving to my negative mind really is helping me. Recently, I have been finding thoughts that comfort me (loving thoughts I say to myself) and then I turn my mind forward.

So I am on Day 1 of consciously choosing loving myself and intentionally turning my mind away from focusing on stuff that makes me feel bad. Turning my mind (lovingly) away from the urges to harm myself though my thoughts (in a myriad of subtle ways) and focusing on great things to build.

Thanks Brooke, Thanks Suzy, Thanks SCS-ers.