Thank you… Your entrepreneur videos Girl….

Your entrepreneur videos are making me all excited about my business all over again… this is your Airbnb coach.

On Saturday’s I have been helping my friends sell their tomato sauce. Yes, tomato sauce, and some other tomato-based condiments at a green market. It’s something totally different from Airbnb, freezing my ass at a stand. They started their business six years ago and they are at some whole foods, they have a commercial kitchen, etc.

This fall they asked me to help me to help them at a chile festival and I loved it. Well, I’m a fucking selling machine.. I LOVE IT!

I love changing the message depending on the person I’m interacting with… letting them know how the product is going to change their lives. it’s that good. It won the Oscar of the food industry. Blah, blah… And your videos makes me think of the marketing I do for their product on the spot.

And what I want to do for my own business.

I have to think about it with what I provide… for my own Airbnb hosts…

C: Airbnb 101 Course
T: I have 7 years of experience as an Airbnb host
F: Excited and focus
A: Create the Course
R: Provide a course for new hosts packed with lessons, checklists and everything I know so they feel secure when they receive their first guests.