Thank you!

I am overwhelmed with emotion. I am in LOVE with your program. I just listened to every word of my first modeling call and I did three models – look at the breakthrough!!
Yesterday and most every other day for the last 10 years:
C – Life is Hard
T – I am trapped, I am unhappy, I want out (of my marriage and four kids!)
F – nervous, sad, frustrated, anxious, depressed, yada yada yada
A – I buffer with alcohol (used to buffer with antidepressants) and inappropriate behavior (not proud)
R – Overdrink, dummy my life down, distracted, turned-off mentally, unhappy home

Today and moving forward!!
C – Life is Hard
T- I love my family! I am proud of my four boys! My husband is pretty darn terrific (not perfect but who is??)
F – love, purpose, accomplished, service
A – face each day and every challenge with curiosity, wonder, adventure, take the ups and downs in stride, these four boys are entertaining!!
R – Happy Home

So emotional!!

My business Model (I had all the pieces except the A – that is where I will work)
C – I have the best job ever
T – I am confident, a leader, exciting, likable, I will get to the top NO MATTER WHAT
F – Sense of purpose, super excited, committed, satisfaction
A – before today ~ my team is doing NOTHING! Today and moving forward – create an environment for consistent growth for my team of 500+
R – Promote to Emerald by December 31st, 2017
This is just the beginning. I just wanted to say, I really appreciate you and your team!
Thank you, Kristin