The 4 Tendencies

Hey Brooke,

I’m curious your thoughts about Gretchen Rubins 4 tendencies or perhaps in general categorizing personality types and how it relates to managing our thoughts/coaching. I’m a questioner according to her quiz which means I prefer to meet inner expectations, so I’ll do something if it makes sense and I have justification. This made complete sense to me and why I initially resist a suggestion or am more skeptical than others. I will research something first before making a decision.

I’m working with a client on weight loss and she is a Rebel which means she resists both inner and outer expectations, when she’s told do something her immediate response is to do the opposite. She has really been struggling with keeping a schedule and commitments to herself of eating better/on plan.

I guess I’m wondering if this insight to her personality is useful for coaching or not. I’ve been trying to teach her your idea of making decisions ahead time, finding a compelling reason, keeping commitments but now wonder if I should adjust the approach. Clearly you’ve been successful coaching without knowing this about someone but I’d be curious which you are and if it influences how you share information?

I see my tendency influences my coaching in that I try to give people all the data, like I would want but now I’m realizing not everyone wants/needs all the information. Or why making a quick decision doesn’t come as easily to me as it does for others. I know you can’t adjust for everyone and if people resonate with you that’s your people. But could this be one reason (beyond just their thought work) why some scholars do amazing, for example, sticking to a protocol or doing the homework, and others struggle more?