The flu and scholars

Hi! I’m just getting over the worst sickness of my entire life. I got the flu last Thursday and by Saturday was rocking a 102.5 degree fever. I was having the thought “this is what it feels like to be dying” pretty much all Saturday night. It was brutal. I’m just now on the tail end of the symptoms with congestion and coughing and I tell you what; I’ll take these symptoms any day over what I was experiencing on the onset. I wanted to write to you to tell you how amazing I feel mentally though thanks to SCS. In the past, I would have doubled down on being sick with some sick mind torture about missing workouts, not being productive, etc. Thanks to the work I have been doing, I didn’t beat myslef up at all. In fact, I praised my body for doing exactly what it needed to do to get better. I felt thankful that my cells went to freakin work to rid my body of the virus. I didn’t allow myself to eat for dopamine either even though I was really needing some. I kept to the protocol I had for myself with the little appetite I did have. I am so proud of myself for the way my body and mind got over the flu 🙂 Just wanted to say scholars is helpful for sooooo many areas of your life, even when you feel like you’re dying 😉