The food void – really , really sucks…. KLB

Hey Hi Brooke and team! Okay been at this for a couple of months now… lost 25 pounds that I recently regained from a previous 60 pounds loss…. so back down – YEAH – ALL GOOD…. but at a stall and still have another 20 – 25 to go. Fasting nightly 12- 14 hours, three meals a day such that I am hungry after about 2 hours, wait another 2 – 3 hours before the next meal… Sounds ‘perfect’ but obviously not…. afraid to cut back on food more for fear of slowing my metabolism….. so confused on that issue – read The Obesity Code – totally follow his arguments re managing insulin rather than serum glucose… though an insulin index for food is not readily available – not that I have found anyway, and as I understand it, the insulin index versus the glycemic index are quite different….

When I have a ‘cave to craving episode – i tease it out…. Gosh what a miserable thought this has uncovered. Turns out, my life is pretty empty… trying to ‘sit with it for a bit…. really really sucks… I SO want to fix it NOW! I understand I need to allow the feeling…. to become indifferent to the urge…. but I certainly do not wish to be indifferent to having an empty life…. Is there a way to determine when to move forward… is start to try to fill the void?