Lowest possible "healthy" weight (debatable)–recommendations PLEASE!

I have suffered from clinically significant eating disorders in the past and although I consider myself recovered (as in, don’t need to be hospitalized and seemingly highly functional!) for the past 20 years or so, I still struggle with my body and food on a daily (almost constant) basis. UGH. But I definitely do NOT need to lose any weight. I have been so curious about your stop overeating program and your advanced weight loss program, including protocol development, but have the thought that I should not go anywhere close to any sort of diet or weight program because I need to learn how to respond to my body’s hunger signals and eat whatever it seems to “ask” for (yeah, that’s been going REALLY well for the past few decades). I still do overeat from time to time but then punish myself by fasting for a long period of time, overexercising, etc. I am totally ALL IN with you, Brooke, and the SCS and respect what you will tell me here. If you say, check it all out, try out a protocol, etc., I will follow the routine to a T (I have no problem following rules or with self-discipline…except when it comes to disciplining myself to be kind to myself!). But this is my #1 goal, to kick this self-loathing in the butt and develop a healthy relationship with my body, food, and own mind 🙂 p.s. THANK YOU for all you do!