The guys take all the credit!

Hello, I have a problem that has been bothering me a lot. A few years ago I started a business that has grown tremendously and supports my family. At the time I created the business, my husband was underemployed and I needed to come up with a money-making idea fast. As I started my business, my husband encouraged me to let him help out with administrative tasks which I accepted since hiring someone would have cost money we didn’t want to spend out of our household account.

Now that my business has become very successful my friend and acquaintances assume that my husband created and runs the business for me (he went to B-school, etc.) which is NOT the case. I find this very hurtful and invalidating. I believe that sexism leads people to assume that men are good at business and women are only good at soft skills like teaching, etc. I feel so annoyed with my husband and with our “friends” and when we tell them the truth they say “No! That can’t be true?” How can I change this narrative? I don’t think I can or want to have positive thoughts about this situation.