The impossible goal(s) – tied to weight loss

Hi there!
Happy Holidays!!!
So I have a few impossible goals.
Lose 68 pounds
Make 100k in my coaching biz (haven’t made a dime yet) and was just certified.
Be in an amazing and passion filled relationship that makes my heart sing with joy.
I’m trying to decide on one that by achieving will make the rest irrelevant.

I believe if I lose all this excess weight and get to a normal (based on BMI chart) it will help in me achieving my 100k goal, since I will be using my journey to show others what’s possible and get clients that way.
I’m sure losing the weight will also boost my confidence in the area of romantic relationships and I’ll show up different in that regard.

But my whole life I have let my weight stop me from doing things.

Do I break the tie I have in relating all other goals with my weight and choose a different goal or do I just pick it.
I’m trying to do new things and having my other goals be tied into my weight goals is old programming.

Thank you