The Model – Overdrinking

Hi, just wondering if you could look at this model and let me know if this makes sense. I often struggle with the result. Many thanks in advance. Kind regards,

Unintentional model
– C: Drinking with friends
– T: I am worried about what people may think if I do not drink
– F: unsecure
– A: I indulge in drinking and feel guilty at the same time, I do not sleep well and wake up the next day feeling shame
– R: I give power to others to make me feel a certain way

Intentional Model
– C: Drinking with friends
– T: I want to stick to the drinking plan I made for this week
– F: Determined
– A: I help myself to a different drink when friends come over or when I am at friends without justifying what I do. I mobilize the thoughts that I have identified as alternative thoughts such as: life is so much more fun without drinking, I have so much more energy, feel so much better etc…
– R: I show that I can trust what I say and reinforce my capacity to stop overdrinking