The Plant

We are at a VRBO and agreed to water the plants. One plant was not doing well, then doing well, now not doing well. There are 2 plants that are a constant worry to me and take a lot of my energy. Can you guide me through the model and let me know if this is how to do it. Thank you.

C: The plant looks drab
T: I hope it doesn’t get worse. I don’t want to kill it. They may not want us to come back if it dies.
F: Fear
A: I water it, I put it outside (it is an outdoor plant, but it has been very hot and sunny), I pick off the dead parts, I water it.
R: I don’t like taking care of plants

C: The plant looks drab
T: I can give the plant exactly what it needs: water, sun, picking off dead leaves, love
F: Optimistic
A: I water it, put it outside for a while in the morning, trim off the dead pieces
R: I have done the best I could