What to do next?

I am starting my coaching business and I feel so inspired and excited. BUT I’m mostly stuck in the “I don’t know” phase. I keep taking action and moving forward but I do it with a lot of uncertainty in hopes of “figuring things out.”

I am wrapping up my first round of clients and do not have any new ones coming in. But it’s like I’m frozen–I know I need to make an offer and take some steps to get more clients. I feel like I’m stuck in fear; fear that I’m not good at this and won’t be successful.

I know how the model plays out with that–I stay stuck and am never successful. Even knowing that I still am not moving forward, I’m not taking action. I make goals for the week of what I need to get done but then I find other things that “need to get done.”

I am usually very proactive and good at accomplishing things but I am finding staying stuck in “I don’t know” feels really safe right now. How do I unstick myself?