The Unanswered Urge

I am trying to figure out my urge for online shopping (instead of working on my book) habit.
Day after day I am finding that I miss the moment I should have paused when the urge came to shop and I only realize I’ve done that again after I get an email congratulating me for my purchase.
So I am trying to get better at catching it on time.
I thought that I should try to spot a discomfort of the urge but what happens is since I am in front of my laptop and the urge comes up, the urge itself does not feel uncomfortable. It feels excited with rapid heart pumps.
I do not get to feel the discomfort yet because I click ‘purchase’ way too soon to even feel discomfort. The discomfort actually comes after I answered the urge when I get the email confirmation and have a thought about it – ‘I overspent again.’

Can you help me recognize the moment the urge is still unanswered?