Getting over myself

I asked a question on Ask Brooke a couple of months ago, and one of the things you said to me (I’m paraphrasing) was to get over myself. I keep getting in my own way when it comes to starting up my practice. I was able to recognize this as the truth when you said it then, but I’ve been staying stuck nonetheless.
This month’s work has finally helped me recognize the thoughts getting in my way. I love coaching and am fascinated with the ability to help anyone stop overdrinking like I did, and in my mind I’ve decided that it is different from my current work, I am not an expert, and therefore, this is impossible. I’m not sure how this one got stowed away unseen for so long, as it seems so obvious to me now. And I recognize how it was contributing to my three main obstacles, procrastination, confusion and overwhelm. Especially overwhelm. There are so many reasons not to pick something and stick with it.
I’ve been indulging in overwhelm with picking my focus in my business for way too long. With the purpose reading from today, I realize that I can just become an expert! For fun! Because I stopped drinking, and I feel amazing, and I want to be an example for others.

Unintentional Model:
C- Overdrinking material
T- I am not an expert, so I can’t help anyone.
F- Disappointed
A- Quit before I start
R- Can’t help anyone, including myself

Intentional Model:
C- Overdrinking materials
T- I am going to learn so much about overdrinking, and I am going to help so many people while I do.
F- Motivated, excited
A- Finish the overdrinking materials on SCS, get information from survey of Facebook friends, gather information that I have learned from clients in my private practice, put together video to get started with what I already have.
R- Learn a ton about overdrinking and help myself.

P.S.- This one is going on my wall in my therapy office.
“So many of us are trying to find a way to matter, not realizing that we can’t matter more than we already do.”