The Urge Jar Quick Start – Eating to Plan

I am working through the Urge Jar Quick Start program and just finished watching Primal vs Pre-Frontal Decisions.

Sticking to my plan is something I struggle with. In the video, Brooke states that you have to build the habit of honoring what you told yourself you will do. Kind of like, if you told a friend you would do something for them – you do it; have to have the same commitment to what you tell yourself.

So does that mean, I should eat everything on my plan? If I planned a breakfast for a certain time frame and I wake up not hungry, should I eat it anyway? Or do I skip it until I am actually hungry and eat whatever is planned for the time frame I get hungry?

Part of me thinks that I should eat it anyway to build the habit of honoring my plan and to avoid getting overly hungry in the future, but that also seems counterintuitive to weight loss and healthy habits.