Their opinion about my weight (VG)

Hi Brooke, first a big THANK YOU for everything you offer, not only here in scholars but all the free content and podcasts that you share with evevyone. I’ve been following you for a while and your teachings have been trully life changing. And yes, what I found inside scholars just blows my mind!!:):)
Im from Uruguay and and want to tell you are getting known by whoever I encounter who speaks English;) please never stop creating such amazing tools!!
Ok,so this is my issue. I have struggled most of my life with eating disorders, identifying myself in the past as anorexic and food addict, labels (12 steps philosophy) which I am working hard to walk away from.
I have for many years been at about17.5 bmi, blood tests are always ok and doc says Im healthy, though if asked she would like me to gain some weight. I did it many times in my life to please others and for fear of getting sick but have always felt very uncomfortable on a higher weigh. I came to accept that as long as I stay healthy this weigh is the one I want to be. I’m watchful not to lose as it freaks me out to go back to the times when I weighed less.
But I have strong issues at what others think or say like”You should gain weight”. By others I mean workmates, the occasional relative’s comment and the opinion I think my clients may have (just my thinking, clients dont comment). I have run models on this durbing thought “As s psychologist and life coach I should gain weigh to be a role model to my clients” but can’t come up with an intentional believable thought that makes me feel confident and calm…Grateful for the insight I will get!!