Things coming together.

Brooke, my mind keeps being blown! This month i figured out so many things about the business im building, created plans, made connections i’ve been trying to connect, met people who are willing and able to help with tasks i am not as good at. For the first time ever i can see this business as a career and it’s got me like ‘holy shit’. I’m all sorts of excited, scared and committed.

My goal changed a bit from the beginning of the month though. Only because I realized that i need to constrain myself more first and then grow. so instead of creating 5 samples of different products i will only be creating 3 samples.
My question is: is it okay to change your goal when you want to narrow your focus?

And when it comes to building financial funding i should work backwards from amount of money i want to create, then clients i’ll need and then ways i’ll go about finding them?
I want to be as self financed as possible. I believe i can do it. My business partner is unsure.

Thank you!!