Thinking ‘Better than before’ – good or bad?

Last year I did make some progress on some of my goals … not the smoothest process, but progress nonetheless. This year, I am trying to push myself to go further – eg with my weight – last year I lost 10 kilos, but I have another 7 kilos to go to hit my goal weight.

I’ve been telling myself that I can do it, because of how much I’ve already achieved – I’m so much better than I was, etc…
But sometimes it feels like saying I’m ‘better than before’ is accepting – like I’m slipping into complacency and will just settle for where I am. Because it’s better than where I was.

How do I turn this around? I want to acknowledge the progress and success to date, but I need to keep myself motivated to continue. Is ‘better than before’ a useful thought? Initially it felt really good – now I’m not so sure!