This is not for me

Hey there dear coaches!

I just had a thought in my head that made me say “WHAT” ????!!!!!

I was doing my report for the dare I completed – it was about telling my story on social media. I chose to post it as an answer of someone I follow that presented herself boldly and ask her followers to present each other to present themselves so we could know each other better.

I talked about the burnout I experienced 6 months ago and how this experience was a huge momentum for me to realize that I need to manage my thoughts and how I have since changed my perspective for my own life.

I am really proud about my dare completion. Nevertheless, this thought came to my mind after I embodied my story in front of the “entire world” : SCS is not for you, remember what Brooke said : it is not for “not functioning people”.

I’ve just understood why I don’t show up as I would wanted in this program (this is my first month here) and I am astonished!

I signed up to Scholars because I know for sure that this I what I need now – not only the content but also the help you provide – I think that I have gained a lot of knowledge in these 6 months and practicing is what I need and this is why I am here.

At the same time, Brooke really said that at several occasions, right ?

What I thought when I heard her saying that is that it is a way to establish the kind of relations you want here between coaches and clients – not a therapy relation.
What I realize is that I also have this thought that I am not the kind of person that this program is designed for. And it is not serving me at all.

So please can you give me some clarifications about what Brooke said?

Thank you!