This Months goal

I really love your program. I listen to the podcast, live recorded calls for the most part but do not do the work. I heard you say something in one of the live calls that you are worth the work and it hit me like a brick wall. I go through life looking at self help like I am learning it to help someone else. I know that makes me a consumer but although I have a great life not sure if I am growing and many times I feel lonely and depressed. I am about 20lbs overweight and drink every night on the couch (3-4 beers) not even to have fun. I consume 90% of my calories at night on that same couch. I stay up late so I don’t just lie awake listening to my husband snore. It’s a habit. We eat dinner and the couch is my time with my husband. I believe that one day when I finally decide to be lose the weight and quite drinking by being consistent and staying disciplined and like you said being ok with the discomfort the weight will magically fall off and I will only drink when socializing. I have bought every diet pill and stay on them for a few days. I can’t even remember to take my thyroid pill let alone pills all day long to lose weight. It makes me sad that I could be so much farther along with my journey if I just would of done the work. To get to the point my goal this month is to do the work. You told me on a call to have you hold me accountable so I really would like it if you would. So by Sept. 30th I will put aside 2 hours a day to re-listen to the podcasts, live calls and do the homework for the month on Rewriting your Past, Your Purpose, Time Management and of course Getting things done. I will know that I’m done by my productivity and the work completed in books and hopefully by the changes in my life. My “Why”is because I’m tired of failing myself. I want to be proud of myself like you shared in your podcast. I will do this no matter what because I deserve to be a better version of myself. I want to show up in the world a better version of myself and show others how to do it too. HELP!!!