This week’s HW – interesting revelation – tvz

I chose my son (3YO) to focus on for the week and today’s HW was fascinating. It was a stark contrast to last week when I focused on my MIL and found it very challenging just to write anything at all! The words flowed easily today and when asked to describe the manual I have for him and then reflect on what I would be thinking and feeling if he followed that… I mentioned the word “EASY” countless times.

I gleaned from this that I WISH/WANT my life as a mother to be easy. What!? Logically, I see that motherhood is not easy but the reward is worth it. I see that an easy life is not really a well-challenged or life full of massive action. Why do I want to describe my life as easy?

I went on to write that if being a mother was easy/having a son was easy I would feel… confident, that I was an amazing mom, that I was good at being a mom, parenting comes naturally to me, I love each day, I don’t worry or obsess about milestones, tasks, fevers, colds, etc.

I see that those thoughts are totally available to me now and I can totally believe “I’ve got this. I’m good at it.”

This exercise has been really profound. What would you suggest for next steps?