Thought about being limited

Hey Brooke,

You were talking about the big leap and how sometimes we create physical symptoms in order to keep us from growing because we believe we’re limited in what we can achieve.

I do believe this is me and I’m continuing to take little steps forward.

My brain keeps wanting me to stop everything and just rest instead or do something much easier like watch videos instead of creating content like I want to cause of our painful headache.

I have gone to the doctor and have made it a point to get my head scanned and all.

She didn’t think it was necessary but I just want to make sure.

She wanted to prescribe some medication because she thinks it’s due to stress but if that is the case then this is all just the thought drama from trying to let go of my old identity and moving into one I’ve never been in before (making more than minimum wage).

I’m waiting for my head scan results but would like some direction on pulling these thoughts out.

You said “you may want to consider your beliefs about what you’re ‘allowed’ to achieve, and start to do models on them to question them, and reframe yourself as a person who is limitless.”

What are some good questions to ask to get these beliefs out?