Thought downloads

Hi there,

I was just wondering if I could have some guidance with doing thought downloads. I have printed out and bound my monthly workbook and I love filling it out. I have however, not kept up with doing a thought download once a day, I am slightly behind. Sometimes I am just feeling good and don’t really have the feeling that I NEED to work through and I have this idea that I’m ‘fishing’ for negative thoughts that doesn’t really need to be fished. And by fishing or focusing on it, I’m actually increasing it (that whole what you focus on increases thing).

I like the idea of committing to doing a thought download at a set time each day, however, the thing with this is that I sometimes have positive or insignificant thoughts and there is not that ‘download’ feeling. My thoughts aren’t banked up or repressed, sometimes I’m just chill. I do love doing a thought download when I get that feeling that I’m sitting on some thoughts and I want to uncover them, and to download feels like a relief.

Do you recommend doing a thought download and resulting models at a set time or when I feel the urge? And if I do it at a set time, how do you go about doing models on positive or mundane thoughts. Thank you so much for your wisdom and for helping me to bring forth my own wisdom. You are incredible!