Thought Help

I’m working on thoughts I’m finding about my impossible goal of $50,000 by December 31. I’m practicing the thought – I could be the first 26 year old to make $50,000 here. I live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. My brain is looping on thoughts such as – There’s not a ton of jobs up here offering $50,000. If they are paying $50,000, they are jobs I don’t really want to do. It brings up feelings of scarcity and dread. I want to have fun and enjoy this process. Also, let’s say it was “proven” that there aren’t as many job opportunities in the Northwoods. How could I think about it in a way where I’m not arguing with myself about whether or not that’s true? Something like – what if I could create a job opportunity at $50,000 for myself? I’ve shown myself I could get job opportunities at $30,000. Now it’s just to get to $50,000. Or like it doesn’t matter if there are a lot of job opportunities or not, I can create a $50,000 opportunity for myself. Thanks!