Thought suggestions for "happy" feeling

I was coached today on my belief that when I had more money I would feel happier because I would get to travel more.

We did the model to show “More money” as a neutral C, and that I actually don’t want to travel more (right now) because I don’t want to go into debt.

We also talked about how my brain would be looking for evidence of “I like to travel” when on trips to prove that thought true, and that’s why I would feel happier.

I see how this all comes together, so that was super cool. I love the 1 on 1 coaching sessions.

My homework is to find a thought for feeling “Happy” with the C of “Not traveling.” I’ve thought of a few things like:
– I’m choosing to spend my money elsewhere
– Travel isn’t the only thing I like to do
– I choose not to travel now

But those thoughts aren’t generating the happiness feeling. Can you suggest some other thoughts I can think for this C that might get me there? I could also use them to brainstorm other thoughts as I feel like my current ones are still coming from a place of lack.